Frequently Asked Questions
How to Earn with Bigbuxcoin ?

 Here you'll find the most important Answers. If you can't find your answer contact us!

1- To earn money with US, Simply create an account, Log in every day and do the following: View Paid Ads,Lotery contest, Traffic exchange,Revenue shares, Complete Offers, Surveys, Mini and PTSU Offers, Referrals Contest, Watching videos on Youtube, Rented referrals and much more.




2- How Many Accounts are we allowed to have?

Answer:  You can only have 1 account per IP and household.



3- Can I Use VPN to work with Bigbuxcoin?

Answer: NO. VPN/PROXY use is forbidden. Your account will be Suspended if you use it.


4- Can I buy or Rent Referrals?

You can buy and/or rent referrals when they're available. 



5- What to do if I forget my password?


On the LOGIN form click Forgot your password? , Enter your username and Email, Click Send, you'll receive an email with a new password. 

(check spam/junk folder in your email). If you cannot reset your password Please send a ticket.



Do you offer refunds?

Answer: NO. All sales are final.



How often can I click advertisements?

Answer: You can click all displayed ads once every 24 hours. 



8- How do I advertise?

Create an account with us, Add funds, Then visit our store, select your desired type of Advertisement,  Buy credit then add

new advertisement, After that, we will review your Ad and once we approve it, all you need to do is allocate and add the credit to your Ad,

you can track your campaigns in real-time.  You will receive unique visitors daily. 1 IP every 24 hours. For further information please

contact us.



9- How long does it take to receive my payment?


Payments will be sent within 24 - 74 hr after you request the payout.  It may take up to 3 days for security reasons.



10- Do I need to deposit in order to withdraw?

Answer: No.

11- Is there a maximum cashout?

Answer: No

12- The payment companies are?

 Airtm, Perfect Money,Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, Coinpayments, Airtm, Neteller, Skrill.

The fees are vary in each payment gateway. 5% --> 10%. 



13- How can I post payment proofs

Firstly, you click Forum.

Secondly, click Payment Proof. Thirdly, click New Topic on the upper right side of the page.

Finally, upload your image of Payment Proofs.



14- Can I view ads from Mobile ?

Ethbux has been optimized for mobile view .You can access all of EthBux services on your Smartphone.

What is a referral?

Referrals are other BigbuxCoin users who have registered with Bigbuxcoin . People who have registered to Bigbuxcoin  with invitation link are Direct Referral.They have upline so you can't buy them as Rented Referral or Direct Referral.People who have joined Bigbuxcoin  without any invitation link are None Referral.So you can rent them for 30 days or you can buy them as direct referral for life time.

Revenue shares

16- Revenue shares has been introduced to our members to share a small percentage of  our daily revenue. Also users will get  1k Banner credits per Revenue Share.



Minimum Cash Out and time frame

The minimum payout is 2 USD for all levels of membership. We will manually send the requested amount within 72 hours.

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